Artists worked with Cramp Group

Since 2011 and Cramp Group met such a lovely Artists, great Musicians and amazing Dancers\Choregraphers, So to Thank them all for their Efforts and for their great works, would like to introduce them to you

  • Amr Abdel Aziz

    Amr Abdel Aziz, Mime Director, performer and teacher, performed in many projects in different dimension “theaters and public spaces”, Abdel Aziz participated in many workshops but not only in Mime “Karina olla, Joachim Stavenuiter, Guido Kleene” but also in Contemporary dance “Cairo contemporary dance workshop program”. Abdel Aziz participated in Youth Salon festival in Cairo Opera House with his performance “Color Blindness” and got the Salon’s prize in 2013, but before he performed his first performance in Sawy Culture wheel in the 3rd mime festival 2008 with his performance “I’m not Romeo” and in 2010 participated in Modern dance festival in Cairo with “Black Balloon”. In 2013 Abdel Aziz created “EL Mifakraty” project for public spaces mime performance supported and collaborated with the British Council in Cairo, He also collaborated with “Mahatat for contemporary art” in 2014 and performed in the Metro stations in Cairo in serial performances. Abdel Aziz Established as one of the Arabian Mime artist during the Arabic theater festival in Kuwait 2016. He performed in one performance "Street".

  • Salah Ehab Salah

    Salah Ehab is an Actor and Director in theater, working specially with his team of actors in the faculty of laws, he's interested in merge contemporary dance in his theater directing. Ehab performed as a dancer in "Prophecy\Submission"

  • Magid Nagati

    Maged Nagati is a Drummer and teacher, Teaching Drums in many schools of art, performing with many Bands and touring in many places with his music bands, he performed with Cramp Group in "Street, Don't make me hurt you and Prophecy\Submission"

  • Emeline Lavender

    Emeline Lavender is from the US, where she grew up dancing and playing percussion. She has been teaching Zumba(r) Fitness in Cairo for 6 years. When she first came here, not many people new about the fitness program, and is honored to have been a part of its growth. Through organizing events such as the Pink Party with the Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt and Igmadi (empowering women and girls), she's thankful to have gotten involved in the community, share her passion for Zumba Fitness, as well as the overall feeling of joy that dance can bring!
    FB Zumba Fitness with Emeline
    Instagram: LadyEZumba_Pilates

  • Zosia Jo

    Zosia Jo is a dance artist with a diverse portfolio career. She received her early training at The Place and a degree from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, graduating in 2008. Zosia has mainly pursued her own choreographic work but also performs for other choreographers as well as in theatre companies. Zosia's work can be characterised by her three main fascinations... One: How dancers find words and integrate natural human speech into their physical expression (and conversely how actors find fluidity and clarity in their physicality.) Two: How audiences and performers relate; how we can encourage an audience to have an equally embodied and holistic response to the work as those who are performing it do. Three: how we might widen audiences and increase participants in dance and offer all the enrichment it brings to more and more people. Zosia is currently based between Wales, London and Cairo, Egypt.
    She performed in "Over the Horizon".

  • Mohamed Zakaria

    Mohamed Zakaria is an actor and Director, have a fair experience in Theater and acting. He participated in many festival belong to the universities festival in Egypt, he performed as an actor in "Street"

  • Tamer Anwar

    Tamer Anwar (Tameroy)
    IT security professional from Cairo with a longtime passion for guitars and music especially Rock
    Adapting vintage rock styles with modern effects and sounds
    Participated with few bands and projects since early 2000s in Cairo. Anwar worked in Two performances "Don't make me hurt you, Prophecy\Submission"

  • Mohamed Anwar "Anno"

    Anno, is a dancer, one of the most strongest upcoming dancers in Egypt, he's studing in Cairo contemporary center in Cairo under the management of Karima Mansour, he participated in many projects with choreographers from Egypt and from abroad, Anno Created his own way as a dancer in Egypt, trained himself by participating in many workshops with different teachers, Anno performed in "don't make me hurt you, Prophecy\submission, A room Filled with a smoke"

  • Rami Abadir

    Rami Abadir born on 1982 is an Egyptian musician , composer , producer and synthesist . After he left his rock band Dusk he started his solo experimental electronic project . The mixture of analog and digital synthesizers , drum beats , sampling , repetitive patterns, phasing techniques beside the visual art show is creating a different musical dynamics with more focus on the sound's textures and timbres leading to a unique experimentation . His first album named Tracks was released on 2011 later on his second album Azizy Essawy was released on October 2012. Abadir created the music of two performances "Dead dog/Vision, A room filled with A smoke".

  • Vito

    Mahmoud Rabieh/ Vito is leaving in Cairo. He studied in the modern dance school in the Egyptian opera house 2005:
    - Modern dance with Walid Aouny (director of the modern dance school and company in the Cairo Opera House)
    - Graham technique, Contemporary dance ( Release technic ), Jazz , Hip hop, Solfage, Percussion, Drama with Ahmed Kamal (one of the best trainer for actors for cinema).
    - Contemporary dance workshop program an initiative of the in Studio Emad El-den2008/2011 with the partnership of the French dancer and director Laurence Rondoni . In this frame, he follow a very strong serial of master classes with several important choreographers as Claudio Ioanna (Release Technique), Sandrine Maisonneuve (Instant Composition), Daniel Larrieu, Germana Civera , Tomeo Verges ,Jean Gaudin, ...;

  • Salma Abdel Salam holds a BA in Sociology from the American University in Cairo. During her University, she studied at the Modern Dance School at the Cairo Opera House from 2007-2010 and then enrolled as a full-time student in Cairo Contemporary Dance Center’s (CCDC) professional dance training in 2012. As of 2012 she also worked as a Research Assistant at The American University in Cairo's Middle Eastern Studies department as well as the feminist organization Women Memory Forum. In 2014, she moved to New York to pursue an MA in Performance Studies from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. She worked in New York as a dancer, a teacher, and an arts administrator at ArteEast and Movement Research. After receiving the acclaimed DanceWeb 2016 scholarship, Salma returned to Cairo, where she has been teaching and dancing independently. She is the co-founder of NASA a dance collective based in Egypt and teaches the performance and dance theory course “Performing Body for the full-time students of CCDC. A course that aims to blend theories in performance studies with dance history through practice, allowing the students to question the doing of dance. Salma also teaches a movement course titled "Movement Lab", which focuses on introducing somatic dance practices with techniques of Contemporary Dance. Salma is a certified Barre Fitness instructor from the IBBFA and is studying to become a Feldenkrais practitioner. Salma has performed nationally and internationally with choreographers such as Benoit La Chambre, Tino Sehgal, Yoshiko Chuma, Mariangela Lopez, Karima Mansour, Mirette Michel, Mohamed Shafik, Adham Hafez and ExNihilo and has been published by Ibraaz as well as Institute Culture Islam Paris.

  • Samir Nassry

    Samir Nassry, Dancer and yong Choreographer, basd in Alexandria, he participating with the modern dance team in the Opera House in Cairo and Alexandria, participated in many theater play as a dancer and actor in small festivals in Alexandria, he performed in "Don't make me hurt you

  • Bashka Jambikova

    Bashka is a dancer, based in Slovakia and trained contemporary dance there, Participated in contemporary dance nights 2014 as a dancer and as a assistant artistic director, She also was an assistant director in few projects in Cairo, she performed as a dancer in "Over the Horizon".

  • Anamaria Bagaric

    Anamari was born in Slovenia where she made her first dancing steps and kept dancing through IDO competitions, Academy of Dance in Ljubljana and modern ballet company KDP. She joined Cairo Opera House in 2015 and thought ballet and jazz at CCDC - Cairo contemporary dance center. At the moment she's finishing her dance education in Ljubljana and working with local companies.

  • Nouran Tarek El Gendy

    Nouran El Gendy, Vocalist, singing for two bands "Washam and Shkoon", she's in thr fifth year at art education faculty, she sang in the soundtrack of the solo performance "What about Dante".

  • Mostafa Rashad

    Mostafa Rashad, a singer and performer, from Cairo born in 26\11\1987. Rashad worked with many bands from Egypt as a singer and musician “Band Origin” and collaborated with musicians from abroad, he was a member in “Fabrika group” and made a tour in 4 cities in USA and performed in “Les Misérables, Phantom of the Opera” Broadway shows, also a Broadway shows in Cairo “El Leila El Kebera”. Rashad participated with Neven Allouba and was singing in her concerts in the Cairo Opera house, he also worked in a dance performance with Mahmoud Rabeay in To be Continued festival in Jan. 2011 in the performance “Enshrined”. Rashad working on his Album as a singer with his new band “Sarmad”. He performed in "Nawah"

  • Hossam Abdel Hamid

    Hossam Abdel El Hamid is a young contemporary dancer and choreographer. holds the training certificate in the year 2015 recognized by the European Union Hamid have experience in directing and choreographing in theatre and teaching contemporary dance. Started dance at an early age as a pop dancer. He began as a professional in contemporary dance in 2008 with the "Contemporary Dance Workshop Program" at Studio Emad Eldin.
    Winner Best Dance Award and Best Decor design and Best lighting design in Salty Sugar performance Festival 2B Continued - Studio Emad Eddin 2011, also He participated in many of the contemporary dance performances in European countries, and graduated from SEEDS PROGRAM ( Trainer of trainers ), He worked as a dancer in "Prophecy\Submission, Share3"