Choreographers worked with .... with pleasure

As a dancer, my expeirence in dance went throught such a great and helpful choreographers, worked in many performances and earn such a supportive experience, here are they and some information about all of them.

  • Germana Civera

    Trained at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona and based in Montpellier, Germana Civera is a polymorphic artist; she has been working on questions of the body and its representation in contemporary dance for 20 years. In 2000, she founded the multidisciplinary Association Inesperada and began her tenure as its artistic director. Internationally renowned, Civera has staged productions for Festival International riocenacontemporanea (Brazil), La Porta (Barcelona), Le Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), The Rawabet space for Performing Arts (Cairo), and Festival Transamériques FTA (Montréal). She has completed residencies with the Villa Médici (Rome) and the French Institute in Barcelona and is the recipient of The Excellence Award of Barcelona for her experimental performance-chorus piece FUERO(n).
    I performed with her in "TO BE. The real Tragedy" in Montpelier dance festival, July 2013.

  • Mirette Mechail

    Mirette has been a professional contemporary dancer for more than 12 years. She is the founder and artistic director of No Point Perspective Dance Theater.

    Mirette's performances are mainly the result of improvisations on personal and intimate issues, relationships and the tensions between what one wants to occur and what is actually there. This process results in productions with a vivid, light hearted and a humorous language. There is a main structure to Mirette's work that is non-narrative, yet emotionally and kinetically powerful. In her work, the dance, music, and the verbal text are an indivisible unit. Over the past 12 years, the company has premiered over 14 new performances in collaboration with artists from other disciplines including composers, filmmakers and musicians.

  • Mohamed Fouad

    Mohamed Fouad graduated from Faculty of Arts, Theater department. At Alexandria university in 2006. He participated in several workshops for dance and theater, joined the CCDWP 2008-2011 dance program of Studio Emad Eldin in collaboration with Descent Danse Association. He has also worked as a performer,dancer and choreographer in thirty six performances. In 2010 he was granted by Danceweb Scholarship to join the Impulstanz Festival in Vienna in 2010.
    In 2012 he danced in To be a real tragedy, choreographed by Germana Civera at Montpellier Dance Festival. In 2013 he danced with Tomeo Vergas in a site specific performance „Traffic“ at D-caf Festival in Cairo. Since 2011 until 2016 he used to present a site specific choreography for Nassim el Raqs Festival in Alexandria. He has presented his work and share his practices through workshops in several cities in both, arab and european platforms.

  • Guilherme Botelho

    Brazilian born Swiss choreographer Guilherme Botelho started his dance career in Sao Paulo. He was later hired by the ballet of the Grand Théâtre in Geneva. He created Alias in 1994.
    A keen observer of the paradoxes in our daily lives, the tensions that dwell in social relations and the questions that currently face the world, Botelho queries reality through his creations in an often highly provocative way.
    There is a strong desire in him to question the meaning of things through his choreographies, dominated by movement and unbalance and demanding a complete commitment from the dancers.

  • Shaymaa Shoukry

    Shaymaa Shoukry from Egypt, studied Visual Arts and Theatre at the American University in Cairo. Dance at the Cairo Opera House School, class of 2006. And followed the contemporary dance workshops' program at Studio Emad El Dien 2007-2011. With a passion for choreography, performing, and creating video art, Shaymaa is a multidisciplinary artist. Coming from a visual arts background, interested in integrating diverse disciplines in her creations.

    She is always motivated and inspired by working collectively, while developing personal work in an organic build up process where each project is paving the way for the next. She is currently interested in researching personal choreographic writings to present contemporary dance to public from diverse backgrounds and various landscapes.
    Shaymaa had the pleasure to perform, share choreographic work and be hosted as a resident artist on both regional and international levels.

  • mohamed shafik

    Mohamed Shafik; Choreographer, Art Director, Performer and Dancer Focusing on physical theater performances.
    From Cairo, Egypt. He began his career as a dancer in the National Folklore troupe 1991, then joined the team of the modern dance company Cairo Opera House in 1993 till 2001.
    He left the company and founded his own company (Homma for contemporary dance) in 2002. Since then he has created many performances and participated in different international and local festivals. Choreographed several performance. They performed all over France as well as in some of other European countries. Mohammed Shafik has also worked as professor of Contemporary Dance in the School of Modern Dance at the artistic creativity Center in Cairo for two years

  • Jennifer Irons

    Jennifer is an award-winning artist and producer and works internationally with diverse groups of people in theatre, film, interactive site-specific and arts for social development projects. After training with Candoco during her degree at London Contemporary Dance School, she became an Artist with Candoco Dance Company in 2006. She has since been involved on myriad projects such as their groundbreaking Foundation Course, the ADAPT program for gifted and talented dancers, Moving Bodies, teacher training programmes and choreographic residencies nationwide and was co-leader of Cando2 Youth Company.
    In 2012 Jennifer completed her Masters in Dance Theatre at Trinity Laban and continues to teach as guest lecturer worldwide. She is director of the collaborative dance and physical theatre company ironINC and the arts and cultural exchange program ironINC in Africa. She was Assistant Choreographer on Birmingham Opera’s Othello, nominated for an RPS Award for Best Opera in 2009. In 2011 she won Best Choreography at the UK Music Video Awards for her work on Wave Machines’ Keep the Lights On. She is currently a commissioned artist with Dance Digital and is part of East London Dance’s Bank Program where she co-choreographed the large-scale Tomorrow’s Men project staged in Canary Wharf as part of the London 2012 Festival. She is Co-Artistic Director of the dance and digital technology company make.AMPLIFY. Their present work Apparitions features larger-than-life video mapped projections commissioned as part of the official opening of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in July 2013.

  • Affari Esteri "Shlomi Tuizer & Edmond Ruso

    Shlomi Tuizer began his career as a dancer for the Batsheva Dance Company working with choreographers such as Ohad Naharin, William Forsythe, Angelin Preljocaj, Jiri Kylian and Russel Maliphant.
    He then collaborated with Hervé Robbe in the National Choreographic Center in Le Havre, France, as well as with other choreographers such as Joanne Leighton in Brussels, Lionel Hoche in Paris and Wally Cardona in New York.Projects for 2013 include Tempéraments- a new creation for his company, MotherTongue- a commissioned work for 12 dancers from different Mediterranean countries, and a creation for the National Superior Dance Conservatory in Lyon.

    Edmond Russo, After graduating from The Rosella Hightower International Centre of Dance in Cannes, he is engaged by the National Lyon Opera Ballet directed by Yorgos Loukos, in 1992. Within five years, he performs choreographic works by (among others) Maguy Marin, Bill T.Jones, Stephen Petronio, Dominique Bagouet, J.C.Gallotta, William Forsythe, Jiri Kylian, Angelin Preljocaj.In December 2001, un-cert'1 chemin is his first solo creation presented in The International Dance Festival in Cannes. In March 2003, he creates and performs his second project with Shlomi Tuizer, the duet Stuttering Piece.The company’s next production, Tempéraments, will be created during 2013 and will premiere in January 2014 in Art Danse Dijon festival and at the National Dance Center in Paris.

  • Nawel Eskandrany

    Dancer and Dance Instructor She worked in classical dance in Italy, France and the United States of America, before returning to Tunisia in 1988 and running the rhythmic dance department of the National Theater. In 1992 she was commissioned to lead the National Ballet. Since 1997, she has worked in private work and produced numerous dance paintings such as "Searching for a lost center", "Meteors die in silence", "Children of the neighborhood" and others ... Participated in national and international conferences. And published writings about dance. She is one of the founders of the Tunis office of the International Theater Institute, a member of the Tunisian Union of Dramatic and Performing Arts and a member of the Arab Youth Theater Fund.