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Oct. 1, 2017

UPGRADING the solo "What about Dante" in a artistic residency in Cagliari with Live Music "Piano", with Irma Toudjian "Armnia\Lebanon", changing the atmosphere of solo in more deep inside the divine comedy, will be interactive with the audience, creating more in the decoration wise.

After participation in two editions of the international festival cortoindanza/choreography  Mounir Saeed in "What about Dante" (cramp group/Cairo, Egypt) will be in Cagliari "sardinia" to perform the upgrade of What About Dante's performance, collaboration with the musician/composer Armenian "Irma Toudjian" and clotilde and Patrick Matoian of c. Le Heliotropion - Paris as "artistic adviser", on the occasion of the autumn session of the exhibition "in the footsteps" festival.

 the show will be on 8 October 2017 in cagliari at space t. Off at 21.00

 The residency will be from 2nd of Oct. till 8th of Oct.

Sep. 19, 2017

In Bologna, it was a great and lovely experience when I met such a great Italian artists to have an open class with me, Bassam abou Diab "Lebanon and Sharaf Dar Ziad "Palestine".

The class was about using sharing our work and our performances in the tour of the young Arab choreographers in Italy and how we create our movements in the performances.

Bologna was the second city of the touring for me, which I met the artists during our stay in a friendly space "Dynamo".

Bolonga, the Danza Urbana festival, the artistic director Massimo Carosi, was such a great experience I had during 3 or 4 days and I met wonderful artists performed in the Danza Urbana Festival.


PS:- soon will update about the whole tour in Italy and speak about the different cities I met.


Photo by: Camilla Casadei Maldini

Aug. 10, 2017

Mounir Saeed will meet a very interesting and unique dance company “Company 7273”, and to work on his presentation and to meet Swiss artists in a festival in

The Idea is to stay two weeks "From 23rd of Aug. till 3rd of Sept." to attend performances and workshops\classes and to meet artist for a future collaboration with a Swiss Dancer\Choreographer, also to encrease the experience with the Swiss scene of Contemporary dance.

The research trip residency in Geneva (Switzerland) supported by The Swiss Arts Council "Pro Helvetia Cairo"

Jul. 9, 2017

The new project "Nawah" will be performed in Belgrade summer festival "Serbia" and will be performed on the 9th of July.

Nawah is performed by Mounir Saeed with The Egyptian Musician "Mostafa Rashad" for the first collaboration between them, expecting to perform this performance in Cairo and in other countries soon.

Nawah is a contrast between War and Peace, creating an illousion facts about being in peace all the time and ignoring the facts of war, dealing with that with the music\voice and dance\movemnts, singing a song from the famous singer in Egypt "Sheikh Emam" and a song from "The white Buffalo", I know you.

the festival Link:

Thanks for Studio Emad Eddin\Orient Productions and Cairo Contemporary Dance Center "CCDC" for supporting this performance with rehearsal spaces. 

Photos by: Tito Youssef

Jun. 19, 2017

What About Dante will tour inn Different cities in Italy for the Arab Focus choreographers.
Castiglioncell "Armunia festival", Bologna "Danza Urbana festival", Potenza "Citta 100 scale festival", Anghiari "Dance Hub festival" and Rome "Teatri di Vetro festival".


The link: