Nov. 18, 2018

"shuffle/Tussle" new dance performance in CDN 2018

Randomly, in our past, we remember some situations while coincidentally watching or/and listening to an old song, the radio, or some TV shows. Memories of our childhood playing over inside our minds smoothly, make us forgot about our routine and urges us to smile. We shuffle our memories like a playlist of the best music we listen to daily. A moment could make us avoid any suffering we encounter in our present life, it could make us relive our lives from the beginning.

In CDN 2018 "Contemporary Dance Night", Mounir Saeed is taking a part with his new dance performance "Shuffle/Tussle" and will perform on the 22nd, 24th and 26th of Nov. in El Falaky theater "AUC, downtown, Cairo" and on th 5th of Dec. in the Big hall in bibliotheca alexandria, with lovely and talented dancers from Cairo and from Alexnadria.


Eman Hussien

Hossam Abdel Hamid

Shady Emad

Nouran Fawzy 

And there will be 4 guests, each one will perform in one day of the 4 nights in Cairo and Alexandria.

And they are:

Kamel Ragab

Sherin Hegazy

Amr Abdel Aziz

Gehad Wasfy 

Thanks for the tanlented artist and painter: Maha Ibrahim

supporting and big help with Light: Saber El Sayed

for more details of the event please visit: