Mar. 18, 2018

Balqeis and Mounir in D-CAF festival with "Nawah"

Glad to announce that The dance performance "Nawah" will be in D-CAF festival the 7th edition on the 22nd and the 23rd of March at Rawabet Theater 8pm with the Talented Musician "Balqeis".

Balqeis is an Electronic Oud musician, 27 years old, started playing at the age 6, played Piano, mandolin and then to the Oud at the age of 12, graduated from the college of Musical Education, she worked as a research assistant and was teaching Oud, western Solfège and improvisation. Balqeis started her own Project, Live Looping Oud « L.L.O. », participated in Dan African project in Cairo jazz festival, contemporary dance performances as a Musician with Julia Cheng and Libertad Pozo, she is working also with Big Bang Boogie.


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