Oct. 14, 2017

Residency\sharing in Porcari "Lucca"

Pleasure to share with great dancers\performers in Spam studio, for 4 days working on a part of a new project "Infinity", it's a new performance about the merge between body and voice/sound, the residency\sharing is from 12th till 15th of October.

SPAM! It offers hospitality to artists, dancers, actors, performers, visual artists, musicians, circus artists in a small and calm city "Porcari"

IT's necessary to send a question info@spamweb.it with your project, a brief hp website link or video, and the period you prefer and numbers of people that will be hosted.

SPAM! It offers for free: the use of a rehearsal room, the hospitality at the guesthouse, the possibility of tutoring and / or conducting open rehearsals. Does not provide: reimbursement of travel expenses and local transport, cover the costs for meals.
The artist / company undertakes to cite ALDES / SPAM! in the credits.