Sep. 19, 2017

open class in Bologna

In Bologna, it was a great and lovely experience when I met such a great Italian artists to have an open class with me, Bassam abou Diab "Lebanon and Sharaf Dar Ziad "Palestine".

The class was about using sharing our work and our performances in the tour of the young Arab choreographers in Italy and how we create our movements in the performances.

Bologna was the second city of the touring for me, which I met the artists during our stay in a friendly space "Dynamo".

Bolonga, the Danza Urbana festival, the artistic director Massimo Carosi, was such a great experience I had during 3 or 4 days and I met wonderful artists performed in the Danza Urbana Festival.


PS:- soon will update about the whole tour in Italy and speak about the different cities I met.


Photo by: Camilla Casadei Maldini