Jul. 9, 2017


The new project "Nawah" will be performed in Belgrade summer festival "Serbia" and will be performed on the 9th of July.

Nawah is performed by Mounir Saeed with The Egyptian Musician "Mostafa Rashad" for the first collaboration between them, expecting to perform this performance in Cairo and in other countries soon.

Nawah is a contrast between War and Peace, creating an illousion facts about being in peace all the time and ignoring the facts of war, dealing with that with the music\voice and dance\movemnts, singing a song from the famous singer in Egypt "Sheikh Emam" and a song from "The white Buffalo", I know you.

the festival Link: http://www.belef.rs/en/program-eng/item/259-nawah-choreodrama-2017.html

Thanks for Studio Emad Eddin\Orient Productions and Cairo Contemporary Dance Center "CCDC" for supporting this performance with rehearsal spaces. 

Photos by: Tito Youssef