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Jul. 21, 2018

After a long tour with "What about Dante" in Germany, Italy, Morocco, Lebanon and Dubai during 2016 and 2017, glad that this solo will be performed in Chicago culture center on the 24th of July at 7pm. 

It will be a triple bill with Shaymaa Shourky "the resilience of the body" and Ahmed Saleh's live music "Mashy", under the name os "Contemporary voices".

Contemporary voices is a triple bill of solo work by contemporary Egyptian artists of international acclaim. Coming together to share an evening of unique performance that draws on their perspectives of personal and societal crisis and transformation.

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Mar. 18, 2018

Glad to announce that The dance performance "Nawah" will be in D-CAF festival the 7th edition on the 22nd and the 23rd of March at Rawabet Theater 8pm with the Talented Musician "Balqeis".

Balqeis is an Electronic Oud musician, 27 years old, started playing at the age 6, played Piano, mandolin and then to the Oud at the age of 12, graduated from the college of Musical Education, she worked as a research assistant and was teaching Oud, western Solfège and improvisation. Balqeis started her own Project, Live Looping Oud « L.L.O. », participated in Dan African project in Cairo jazz festival, contemporary dance performances as a Musician with Julia Cheng and Libertad Pozo, she is working also with Big Bang Boogie.


For more information please visit D-CAF website:

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Feb. 7, 2018

Glad to perform as a dancer with Nagham Salah in her performance "Utopia", and it will be in the 7th edition of To Be Continued festival.

A festival specially made to support young directors & choreographers with vision. During the year, there are ongoing workshops for technical, artistic & management skills for on stage & backstage teams. Each two years, 3 to 4 directors are chosen to work with mentored teams for a final production fully produced and put on stage for the public

Nagham salah Othman is a Sudanese artist who started her career in 2009, after obtaining a degree in political science. She started dancing in a workshop with the choreographer Mirette Mechail. In 2010 she started giving her own workshops in hip-hop, as well as taking part in many contemporary dance workshops with different choreographers like Karima Mansour, Tomio Fergas, Jennifer irons ,megan mazarik ,samar king ,Nicole siler , olivier dubois and others.

The performances will take a place in Falaky theater in Cairo on the 13th,14th and 15th of Feb., then to Alexandria in Alex Jesuit on the 19th and 20th of Feb. and in Luxor on the 23rd of Feb.


Oct. 14, 2017

Pleasure to share with great dancers\performers in Spam studio, for 4 days working on a part of a new project "Infinity", it's a new performance about the merge between body and voice/sound, the residency\sharing is from 12th till 15th of October.

SPAM! It offers hospitality to artists, dancers, actors, performers, visual artists, musicians, circus artists in a small and calm city "Porcari"

IT's necessary to send a question with your project, a brief hp website link or video, and the period you prefer and numbers of people that will be hosted.

SPAM! It offers for free: the use of a rehearsal room, the hospitality at the guesthouse, the possibility of tutoring and / or conducting open rehearsals. Does not provide: reimbursement of travel expenses and local transport, cover the costs for meals.
The artist / company undertakes to cite ALDES / SPAM! in the credits.

Oct. 1, 2017

UPGRADING the solo "What about Dante" in a artistic residency in Cagliari with Live Music "Piano", with Irma Toudjian "Armnia\Lebanon", changing the atmosphere of solo in more deep inside the divine comedy, will be interactive with the audience, creating more in the decoration wise.

After participation in two editions of the international festival cortoindanza/choreography  Mounir Saeed in "What about Dante" (cramp group/Cairo, Egypt) will be in Cagliari "sardinia" to perform the upgrade of What About Dante's performance, collaboration with the musician/composer Armenian "Irma Toudjian" and clotilde and Patrick Matoian of c. Le Heliotropion - Paris as "artistic adviser", on the occasion of the autumn session of the exhibition "in the footsteps" festival.

 the show will be on 8 October 2017 in cagliari at space t. Off at 21.00

 The residency will be from 2nd of Oct. till 8th of Oct.