Mounir Saeed started Contemporary dance in 2007, he is one of the new generation of Contemporary dance in Egypt. He started his physical training with football; he was a goal keeper for 5 years. He headed to Contemporary dance through a workshop held in Cairo, at Studio Emad Eddin for 4 years. In 2009, Saeed presented his first solo work in “The Game”, a modern dance festival where he won the encouragement award. Saeed attained in a very short while a fair experience while he worked as a local dancer and choreographer (To be Continued festival, D-Caf Festival, Nassim El Raqs festival, Contemporary Dance Night) in different countries (France, Holland, Italy, Sweden, Tunis, Syria and Lebanon). Saeed presented a performance in February 2014 in collaboration with The British Council Egypt, called "Prophesy/Submission". The most highlighted solos/group works choreographed by Saeed are "The Other & Me", "Maybe", "Don’t Make Hurt You", "Dead Dog/Vision", "A Room Filled with Smoke", "Small Story", "Over the Horizon”, Saeed made some activity by make some classes and workshops in many culture centers in Cairo\Alex for contemporary dance “town house Factory, the British Council, Rezo Dance, Bibliotheca Alexandrina and Contemporary dance center ‘CCDC’, also teach in the National dance academy in Rome, Saeed Teaches the relation between the body and the voice.
Saeed, participated in the 20th international solo dance theater festival in Stuttgart "Competition festival" and he got the 3rd prize of performance and performed also in Cortoindanza in Cagliari.